Vegan Donuts

Not all donuts are created equal, and when we launched Pie Face’s Vegan Donuts we were faced with a question: How can you tell when a donut, is a vegan donut? Given that they look similar to the non-vegan range, our approach was to ensure the new vegan donuts were easily identified as vegan and reflected the nature of the product itself. Oh, and it had to be fun!

We developed the ‘Vegan Donuts grow on trees’ campaign. A 100% plant-based product essentially comes from a tree, so we sold pots of ‘Donut Plants’ in Pie Face stores (a donut attached by wire to a small plant), complete with growing instructions. We even ran mock employment ads calling for ‘Seasonal Donut Pickers’ to help us pick the new season’s harvest. The word quickly spread on social channels and healthy sales followed, all from a brand that’s more famous for selling meat pies.