Brand launch

In a super-competitive market category like the building trade, you need an identity and you need to stand for something. As an e-commerce brand started from scratch, Direct Wholesale had to challenge the offerings of the existing bricks & mortar trade outlets with a better alternative.

To do this we identified the ‘smart tradie’, the next generation of tradies for whom buying online was not only second nature but more convenient, and just as importantly, helped boost efficiency and business profitability.

The “We click with Tradies” campaign was born, with a B2B email blitz, organic and paid social media as well as experiential building site promotions and activity.


Tactical Customer Acquisition

Through convenience, service, value and transparent pricing, Direct Wholesale has seen initial success through organic growth and positive word-of-mouth. There was however one challenge for Direct Wholesale to ensure its growth continued – 85% of its customers were single- purchase only.

A campaign was created to attract long term repeat “registered” customers, tradies Direct Wholesale can build a high-value relationship
with. Who better to be the face of the campaign than comedian Aaron Gocs, who, as the Tradies’ mate, was filmed visiting sites to promote a Clipsal promotion. The hilarious footage was then used as the basis for a successful social media customer acquisition campaign.