The ‘Great Australian Dream’ of home ownership has led us to become a nation of house-proud Aussies.  For proof, look no further than all of the DIY and ‘make-over’ style TV programs that grace our screens. Given our love of all things ‘home’, Clark Rubber, despite good brand awareness, was experiencing declining sales, with business heavily dependent on seasonal sales of pool equipment and cleaning chemicals.  This was in spite of a significant investment in expanding into home and lifestyle products. So we had to build brand perception and grow category sales.

Consumer behaviour insights uncovered a latent market of consumers and DIYers who knew the outcome they were after but found it difficult to articulate exactly what they needed.  We used this insight as the basis for a humorous campaign which let customers better understand the specialist ranging and the category knowledge of team members. Total sales increased against last year, but importantly the brand’s scorecard for range and service showed strong improvements.