The secret is in the name

With a market that is busy with gin distilleries, specialty gin bars and any number of styles to choose from, we wanted to tell Australian gin drinkers about something distinctly different. To do this we let them in on a secret, well a few secrets, actually. By developing the ‘3 Secrets Gin’ name along with the bottle design we created a mystique around the brand’s origins.

And the 3 secrets? Pure water sourced from a spring located deep within a Tasmanian rainforest, a unique blend of carefully selected indigenous botanicals and a century-old distilling process that doesn’t follow the rules. Highlighting these secrets, the product launch included outdoor, product placement in key bars, engaging influencers, and tastings at independent specialty retailers. The success of this campaign in what is an overcrowded category is no longer a well-kept secret. We’ll drink to that.